Big Pharma and Consumer Manipulations… how the Pharmaceutical Industry turns Profits

Six ways Big Pharma manipulates consumers

Six ways Big Pharma manipulates consumers
Pharma is looking at the elderly as a new market for ADHD drugs

Here are six new Pharma marketing initiatives that are guaranteed to keep investor expectations high along with our insurance premiums. The secret? Recycling old and discredited drugs and marketing diseases to sell the few new ones. ‘

  1. Repurposing Ritalin
  2. Male Hormone Replacement
  3. Calling Alcoholics and Addicts Mentally Ill and In Need of Vaccines
  4. Pathologizing Insomnia
  5. ”Selling” Chronic Immune Disorders
  6. Recycling Neurontin

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by Martha Rosenberg, Apr 28, 2013

Take Two Tablets Daily in blind Faith…

Benefits: unknown, Side Effects: unknown

Prescription tablets
Seen as a medical miracle to help women with pregnancy issues and a dependable source of steady income for pharmaceutical companies, diethylstilbestrol DES Diethylstilbestrol DES Google+ Page icon was given to millions of women around the world. It was meant to be a wonder drug for expecting moms but its devastating impacts are now hitting their daughters and sons, decades later. Diethylstilboestrol DES Diethylstilbestrol DES on Facebook  was considered safe and effective for both mothers and their developing babies until the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) advised physicians in 1971 to discontinue prescribing diethylstilboestrol in pregnant women because of its link to a rare vaginal cancer.
Where are the lessons learned from the DES drug tragedy?

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Adult Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder emerging Market… and Big Pharma Strategies

Big Pharma’s newest invention: adult ADHD

Big Pharma’s newest invention: Adult ADHD
Who belongs to this untapped market? You do, of course

There is good news and bad news about attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) — that is, if you’re a drug company. The bad news is the kid market has peaked out with 4.5 million U.S. children now carrying the label. The good news is adult ADHD is an emerging market. In fact, adult ADHD, with symptoms similar to pediatric ADHD such as impulsivity, distractibility and difficulty paying attention, following instructions and meeting deadlines, is the next big thing “.

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by Martha Rosenberg, Oct 1, 2012

Prescription Drugs responsible for more Deaths than traffic Accidents

Every 14 minutes, a person is killed by prescription drugs…

Prescription drugs responsible for more deaths than traffic accidents, study finds
The number of drug fatalities has doubled within the past ten years

Every 14 minutes, a person is killed by prescription drugs — and unlike most other causes of preventable death, which have been on the decline for years, medication-induced deaths are on the upswing across the US. According to a recent analysis conducted by the Los Angeles Times, drug-induced deaths have become so prevalent that their average yearly total now exceeds the number of deaths caused by traffic accidents “.

Read Prescription Drugs responsible for more Deaths than traffic Accidents, Study finds, by Ethan A. Huff, September 21, 2011

Why don’t we test drugs on pregnant women and children? To protect them from untested Drugs…

It’s the Catch-22 of clinical trials…

"Why don't we test drugs on women and children? To protect them from untested Drugs"
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It’s the Catch-22 of clinical trials: to protect pregnant women and children from the risks of untested drugs….we don’t test drugs adequately for them. In the last few decades, we’ve been more concerned about the harms of research than of inadequately tested treatments for everyone, in fact. But for “vulnerable populations,” like pregnant women and children, the default was to exclude them. And just in case any women might be, or might become, pregnant, it was often easier just to exclude us all from trials. “

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All Trials Registered, All Results Reported

The AllTrials campaign next steps announced, 2013

All Trials Registered, All Results Reported, the #AllTrials Campaign next steps announced
Join and sign the #AllTrials petition for all trials registered and all results reported

The AllTrials transparency campaign says it is at a crossroads and is looking to take the next step into becoming a larger force against the restriction of clinical trial data by pharma.  It continues:  “There are many who hope that AllTrials will fizzle out and go away, as previous efforts have done – what happens next is up to all of us.
We need your help to grow internationally, and to push for a decisive and permanent change

When a former FDA Official testified that Eli Lilly lied about Drug Side-Effects…

NaturalNews, September 06, 2008

Former FDA Official Testifies that Eli Lilly Lied about Drug Side Effects
Eli Lilly made $27.7 Billion in Profits between 2003-2012 – sources HuffPolitics Blog

Gueriguian testified that Eli Lilly knew as early as 1998 that Zyprexa increased the risk of developing diabetes, but did not issue warnings about those effects until 2007
Simply put, it’s putting profit over the concern of the consumer‘, Gueriguian said “.

Read Former FDA Official Testifies that Eli Lilly Lied about Drug Side Effects by David Gutierrez, September 06, 2008

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All Trials Registered, All Results Reported, why the Campaign Matters

Read more information and see how you can help

All Trials Registered, All Results Reported, why the #AllTrials Campaign Matters
Join and sign the #AllTrials petition for all trials registered and all results reported

Around half of all clinical trials have not been published; some trials have not even been registered. If action is not taken urgently, information on what was done and what was found in trials could be lost forever, leading to bad treatment decisions, missed opportunities for good medicine, and trials being repeated unnecessarily.

Environment and sustainable Health, Children with Cancer, Pregnancy and Drugs: our Responsability

Our children will accuse us

In 2008, in a little village in France, the mayor decided to take action and to move to bio food for their school… so that tomorrow, their children will not accuse them…

Historical Review of the DES Tragedy, glaring Example of what NOT to do in Medicine…

The Diethylstilbestrol tragedy thorough historical review

Problems in Research: Regulations—The Diethylstilbestrol Tragedy
The diethylstilbestrol tragedy: a failure of oversight or poor science?

For a thorough historical review of the DES tragedy take a moment and read this lengthy call for tighter FDA regulation of the drug industry. The DES story makes a compelling case!

DES Action USA commented: ” Thank you for this call for stronger government regulation of pharmaceuticals. The DES tragedy makes a compelling case and you tell the story well. Adding insult to injury, it isn’t correct to say that in 1971 the FDA banned DES for most uses. Sadly, DES was only ‘contraindicated’ so it was well into the 1970s before doctors stopped prescribing DES to pregnant women! Either they didn’t get the word, or they felt they knew better than government regulators. Many doctors now dismiss DES exposure as ‘not a problem anymore’ but millions of us were exposed before birth and live with the health problems it caused. We fervently wish similar tragedies wouldn’t happen again – but sadly, the DES lessons learned are being ignored.

Read Problems in Research: Regulations—The Diethylstilbestrol Tragedymedicalbag, April 12, 2013.

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