Happy Earth Day !

We want an Earth that is not being polluted !

“Today, we honor the rich, vast Earth that’s sustained generations before us and continues to nurture life and inspire wonder. At an estimated 4.543 billion years of age, the Earth is still the only known object in the Universe known to harbor life. It’s also the densest planet in the Solar System and the largest of the four terrestrial planets.”

Google Doodle 2017

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Today’s Doodle follows the story of a fox who dreams about an Earth that’s been polluted and adversely affected by climate change. The fox wakes with a startle, and urgently starts making small lifestyle changes to care for the Earth. Along the way, the fox enlists friends – including Momo the cat, and Google Weather’s favorite frog – to join its quest to protect and nurture the environment.

To combat things like coral bleaching and pollution, the three eco-rangers are inspired to take action such as eating less meat, carpooling, and unplugging unused electronic devices. That’s some heroic work for tiny animals!”

Google Doodle 2016

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“The vastness of Earth’s diversity makes it an intimidating topic, but in the end I chose to highlight Earth’s five major biomes: the tundra, forest, grasslands, desert, and coral reefs. In each illustration, you’ll find one animal who’s been singled out for their 15 minutes of fame. Each time you visit Google.com, you’ll randomly receive one of the five doodles. Keep refreshing to admire a different side of Earth’s immense beauty.”

Google Doodle 2015

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“Which animal are you? Take the Google Doodle Earth Day quizz

You can search Google for answers to all kinds of animal questions: What does an aye-aye eat?Where do narwhals live? How long is a toco toucan’s beak? And this Earth Day, you can turn to Google for the answer to something that you’ve always needed to know: which animal are you?”

Google Doodle 2014

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“I had a lot of hair-brained ideas for Earth Day 2014, before at last stumbling upon the solution you see before you. My desk was littered with hastily scrawled notes and sketches involving old tractor tires, the number of water bottles consumed by north americans per annum, and sea turtles wearing plastic shopping bags like waist-coat travesties.”

Google Doodle 2013

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“Today we are celebrating Earth Day with an interactive doodle that captures a slice of nature’s subtle wonders. We hope you enjoy discovering animals, controlling the weather, and observing the seasons. Use the sightseeing checklist below to make sure you do not miss anything!”

Google Doodle 2012

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“An occasion to be particularly mindful of how we care for our planet, Earth Day is a time to show and practice appreciation for this sphere we call home. Fortunately for the doodle team, Earth Day is also the a chance to spruce up the homepage. Having celebrated this occasion with drawings of nature in previous years, we decided to get to the root of the inspiration and actually grow our doodle! Sure it was a simple and practically obvious solution for the logo, but it proved to be a surprising undertaking.”

Google Doodle 2011

Click to view Earth Day 2011 doodle.

“Truly a team effort for a global celebration, this year’s Earth Day doodle started with a desire to depict different environments around the world. Starting with Asia, the doodle walks users through Africa, Antarctica, Australia, and America. Having laid down the overall composition, I turned to my teammates to determine what should happen in this nature-packed doodle. We all huddled in a room and brainstormed various cute interactions, internet memes, and nature jokes that could fit into each region. When users hover over various parts of the doodle, they may catch a salmon swimming up stream, parrots darting through the sky, a frog leaping across the grass, a bear having a snack, a koala performing gymnastics, a sleepy lion, butterflies rustling trees, a penguin sliding down an iceberg, and a sneezing baby panda.”

Happy Earth day everyone! and Pesticide Free!

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It’s Earth Day today. Time for a good resolution?