World Autism Awareness Day video

Dancers help raise awareness of autism

On World Autism Awareness Day, Tuesday 02 April 2013, Autism Queensland and supporters turned the Queen Street Mall in Brisbane blue to raise awareness about people living with Autism, their families, carers and teachers.

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  • Video published on 7 Apr 2013 by Autism Queensland.
  • The event marked the start of Autism Awareness Month and the formal kick-off of Autism Queensland’s fundraising and awareness campaign Go Blue for Autism. Dancers in blue morph suits captured the attention of curious onlookers and help raise awareness of autism — a condition that research shows affects one in 100 Australian children.
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  • On World Autism Awareness Day, Thoughts On Parenting A Son With Autismhuffingtonpost. 04/02/2015.

Autism Spectrum Disorder Infographic

ASD is more prevalent than blindness, deafness, diabetes, leukaemia and cerebral palsy combined

ASD Infographic
an ASD Infographic by AutismQld

Sources:Autism Queensland.
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Go Blue for Autism

For more information, contact Autism Queensland via or call (07) 3273 0000

Poster of Go Blue for Autism
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Go Blue from April 2 to help raise Awareness and Funds to support Queenslanders living with ASD

If April doesn’t suit, please choose a more suitable day and make that your Go Blue for Autism day!

Go Blue from April 2 to help raise awareness and funds to support Queenslanders living with ASD.

Each year on April 2, World Autism Awareness Day, iconic buildings across Australia and the world turn their lights blue to promote autism awareness. In support of this global initiative, Autism Queensland asks people Go Blue for the month of April to help raise awareness and funds to help us support Queenslanders of all ages living with ASD and their families.

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