Jeremy Hunt Statement Over the Primodos Scandal and Valproate

Hunt: “Immediate action” will be taken, House of Commons, Feb 2018

The health secretary outlines the “immediate actions” that will be taken following the public scandals involving the pregnancy drug Primodos and epilepsy drug valproate.

  • Reference : @SkyNews, 1:16 PM, 21 Feb 2018.

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A judge-led public inquiry on Primodos ? Laura Pidcock MP

Laura Pidcock MP, speaking to the Minister for Mental Health, in the Commons, Feb 2018

Today in the Chamber, I asked @JackieDP, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Health, whether the Secretary of State would grant a public inquiry on the use of Primodos, a a hormone-based pregnancy test used in the 1960s and 1970s.

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