Too Much Medicine Helsinki Symposium 2018

Paulo Foundation International Medical Symposium, Helsinki, 15 – 17 Aug 2018


  • Overestimation of depression prevalence in meta-analyses via the inclusion of primary studies that assessed depression using screening tools or rating scales rather than validated diagnostic interviews
  • Clinician, patient and general public beliefs about diagnostic imaging for low back pain: A qualitative evidence synthesis
  • Overdiagnosis of low back pain
  • Defining Overdiagnosis of Mental Health Disorders: Secondary Analysis of an Overdiagnosis Scoping Review
  • Evaluating the content of Choosing Wisely recommendations and prevalence of interdisciplinary finger pointing
  • Inadequate Prescription of medicines for Parkinson’s disease in the Autonomous Community of the Basque Country. An observational study
  • Is it always necessary to treat nocturia? Natural history of nocturia among men and women during the 5-year period
  • The monocriterial source of over-testing and over-treatment: the case of bone scanning
  • Increasing prescription of opioid analgesics and neuropathic pain medicines for spinal pain in Australia
  • No benefit of additional care for ‘high-risk’ patients with acute low back pain: The PREVENT randomized, placebo-controlled trial
  • Overdiagnosis, overtreatment and low-value care in physiotherapy: a scoping review
  • Targeted information based on reimbursed drug registry
  • Journal Registration Policies and Prospective Registration in Randomized Trials of Non-Regulated Interventions: A Meta-Research Review
  • Pharmacotherapy and behavioural problems in Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Simultaneous under and over care of eye health care in Finland
  • Decision Support and Knowledge Translation Tools to Highlight the Benefits and Downstream Harms of Screening: Resources from the Canadian Task Force for Preventive Healthcare
  • A Free Access Literature Awareness Portal That Surveilles High Quality Research and Guidelines to Inform Benefits and Downstream Harms of Screening and Prevention Strategies in Healthcare
  • From “Non‐encounters” to autonomic agency. Conceptions of patients with low back pain about their encounters in Finnish health care system
  • Does the use of CAM reflect a patients´ response to “too much medicine”?
  • Preferred Reporting Items for Overview of Systematic Reviews for abstracts (PRIO-abstracts)


Drug deaths involving Fentanyl more than doubled from 2015 to 2016

Fentanyl is rapidly taking a large part of the drug scene, and needs to be understood of its huge potential risk

Drug overdoses are expected to remain the leading cause of death for Americans under 50, as synthetic opioids — primarily fentanyl and its analogues — continue to push the death count higher.

Fentanyl is up to 50 times more potent than heroin and up to 100 times stronger than morphine.

Is there’s an epidemic and is this a “national” public health emergency? About as many Americans are expected to die this year of drug overdoses as died in the Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan wars combined…

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  • Featured image voicesinbioethics, 2016/04/25.

Not Safe as Prescribed

Lawrence Golbom’s insight on how America’s 21st century opium epidemic started, 2016

Lawrence Golbom’s insight on how America’s 21st century opium epidemic started, 2016

Jeremy Spencer was 23 and graduated with a degree in Industrial Engineering in 1993. Within two years he unknowingly was in charge of producing a new miracle pain killer as powerful as heroin. The book follows his twelve year career with the most diabolical pharmaceutical company in history.

Love, loss, deceit, lies, political corruption and murder are intertwined within Jeremy’s twelve years. Not Safe As Prescribed combines a love story with revealing the time line that led to the pharmaceutical masterminds who created the biggest medical hoax since the legal introduction of heroin in 1898.

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