PinkWashing Infographic

Is breast cancer prettier in pink?

Based on the book Pink Ribbons, Inc.: Breast Cancer and the Politics of Philanthropy.

Infographic from the documentary “Pink Ribbons, Inc.” directed by Léa Pool that shows how the devastating reality of breast cancer, which marketing experts have labeled a “dream cause,” has been hijacked by a shiny story of success. Based on the book Pink Ribbons, Inc.: Breast Cancer and the Politics of Philanthropy by Samantha King.

Pink Ribbon Culture Stereotyping and Breast Cancer Trivialization

Gayle Sulik “Pink Ribbon BLues”, Siena College, 2010

Dr. Gayle Sulik, author of Pink Ribbon Blues: How Breast Cancer Culture Undermines Women’s Health, spoke at Siena College on October 26, 2010.

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  • Medical sociologist Gayle A. Sulik’s book shows how advocacy, publicity, and mass marketing created a culture that transformed breast cancer from an important woman’s health problem in need of complicated social and medical solutions, to a popular item for public consumption.
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Booby Traps…

It’s cancer. Be public about it

breast-cancer-awareness cartoon
There must be better ways to raise awareness of breast cancer…

Ugh. here we go again. Another round of “Ssh don’t tell the boys, tee-hee” emails going around Facebook with ridiculous ideas about what to put on your status update under the premise of raising awareness of breast cancer. There’s so much wrong with this I actually get paralysed with rage when I think about it too much. ”

Continue reading Booby Traps, The House of J-Ro, 2011/11/16.

Interview de Rachel Campergue ; décryptage de la campagne Octobre Rose

Dépistage cancer du sein : pour une réelle liberté de choix

Entretien du 20 octobre 2014 sur IDFM 98 Radio Enghien.
Vidéo publiée le 2 Nov 2014 par Joelle Verain.

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Pink Ribbon Blues

The first book to provide a comprehensive ethnographic analysis of breast cancer culture in American society

Pink-Ribbon-Blues cover image
The first book to provide a comprehensive ethnographic analysis of breast cancer culture in American society.

How Breast Cancer Culture Undermines Women’s Health

Medical sociologist Gayle A. Sulik reveals the hidden costs of the pink ribbon as an industry, one in which breast cancer functions as a brand name with a pink ribbon logo.

Based on historical and ethnographic research, analysis of awareness campaigns and advertisements, and hundreds of interviews, Pink Ribbon Blues shows that while millions walk, run, and purchase products for a cure, cancer rates continue to rise, industry thrives, and breast cancer is stigmatized anew for those who reject the pink ribbon model.

Even as Sulik points out the flaws of “pink ribbon culture,” she outlines the positives and offers alternatives. The paperback includes a new Introduction investigating Susan G. Komen for the Cure and a color insert with images of, and reactions to, the pinking of breast cancer.

Time for stronger chemical reforms, reduce cancer risks and health harms

Think Before You Pink: Toxic Time Is Up

Why is the breast cancer epidemic still raging after 30 years of “awareness” and pink ribbon products?

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  • Each year, corporations pack the shelves with pink ribbon products, surrounding us with “breast cancer awareness” messages. These products help to raise billions of dollars in the name of breast cancer, yet more than 40,000 women in the U.S. still die of the disease every year. Worst of all, many corporations are selling pink ribbon products in the name of breast cancer that contain chemicals linked to an increased risk of the disease. We call those corporations “pinkwashers.”Take action now to end pinkwashing once and for all through regulation of the toxic chemicals that are making us sick in the first place.
  • Video uploaded on 10 October 2013 by Breast Cancer Action .
  • More BPA and EDCs chemicals videos and pink washing videos on YouTube.

La Vie en Rose…

A partir de la cinquantaine…

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How do you know it’s October? The pink!

Huh? what’s will all the pink?

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Breast cancer awareness effectiveness: do we ask the right questions?

Interview with Lea Pool, Pink Ribbons Inc. Director, 2012

Can a little pink ribbon hide so many secrets and lies?
What is going on between philanthropy and breast cancer?
Did large corporations highjack the cause?
Is this breast cancer “awareness” doing more harm than good?

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Breast Cancer and the Politics of Philanthropy

Pink Ribbons, Inc. video trailer , 2012

Trailer about the story of the commercialization of the breast cancer movement and the exploitation of human generosity, hope and trust.

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