The Consequences of Mass PreNatal Progestin Exposure, 1950s-70s

Worse than thalidomide?

The consequences of mass prenatal progestin exposure, 1950s-70s
Worse than Thalidomide?

When we think of prenatal drug disasters, we usually think of the sedative thalidomide, which caused horrific birth defects, and synthetic estrogen DES, which caused cancer and infertility in offspring, among other horrors.

Ignored, however, have been the downstream effects of the extensive use of progestin drugs in obstetric and fertility practice from the late 1950s through today. Progestins, not estrogens, were the most widely used anti-miscarriage drugs during several decades of practice that placed near-unquestioning faith in modern pharmaceuticals combined with near-nonexistent concern about impacts on the fetus. ”

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by Jill Escher, Autism Exposed

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