The SGK1 Protein that could help treat Infertility and Miscarriage in Future

Could a ‘Fertility Switch’ Save Women From Pain Of Infertility Or Miscarriage?

'Fertility Switch' Could Save Women From Pain Of Infertility Or Miscarriage
Deregulated expression of SGK1 in the endometrium has been implicated in cases of infertility or recurrent miscarriage in humans, and SGK1 expression in the endometrium also affects fertility in mice

Scientists from the Imperial College London have discovered an enzyme in the body that determines infertility and the chances of miscarriage, as it acts like a ‘switch. The SGK1 protein discovery could pave the way for new treatments and/or be used before women undergo IVF…

Read ‘Fertility Switch’ Could Save Women From Pain Of Infertility Or Miscarriage, HuffPost Women, 17/10/11

Sadly for many DES daughters having their own children is not possible! Many of us who have experienced miscarriages, want to have kids but are struggling or unable to…

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