South African Media asking for ALL Medical Research Results to be known

Why researchers MUST publish ALL results of clinical trials

Call for all clinical trial results to be made known
Sir Iain Chalmers says let’s make all research results public

South Africans participating in clinical trials should demand that results are published ” says Cochrane Collaboration founder Sir Iain Chalmers.
Much of the world’s clinical research was wasteful and failed to tackle issues that were most important to patients ” Sir Iain told delegates at a conference hosted by the Medical Research Council (MRC).
Worse still, only 50% of the research was published, which meant doctors and patients were left in the dark about possible side effects, concealing evidence of potential possible harm from doctors and patients alike ” he said.

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Why Researchers MUST publish ALL Results of Clinical Trials

Make all medical research results public

Make all research results publicA new campaign All trials registered, all results reported  – supported by the Medical Research Council  (publicly funded organisation in the UK dedicated to improving human health) – calls for the results of all clinical trials to be made public.
Sir Iain Chalmers, Coordinator of the James Lind Initiative, has strong words on researchers who hide trial results and ends his post by saying: “ If action is not taken urgently by research funders and regulators, information on what was done and what was found in trials could be lost forever, leading to bad treatment decisions, unnecessary repetition of trials, and missed opportunities for good medical practice. ”

Read Make all research results public, insight, 4 April 2013.
#AllTrials website and donation site.

UK Pharma Times Royal Institution head-to-head Debate with Ben Goldacre

Pharma Times Online, 2013

The video, shot during the debate at the Royal Institution last month, shows the author of Bad Science and Bad Pharma debate the notion ‘Pharma is not getting its act together’ with the chief executive of the ABPI.

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