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Discover safe and trusted apps to help you manage your health, by @HealthAppsLib

The Health Apps Library makes it simple for you to you to easily find safe and trusted apps to help you manage your health. These have been reviewed by the NHS to ensure they are clinically safe and relevant to people living in England. They then get rated by you and the health care community.

All apps submitted to the Health Apps Library are checked to make sure that they are relevant to people living in England, comply with data protection laws and comply with trusted sources of information, such as NHS Choices.

Once an app has met these minimum requirements, we then check to see whether the app could potentially cause harm to a person’s health or condition. For example, is the app limited to providing information from a trusted source – or might it go on to provide personalised medical recommendations or treatment options? If so then potentially there could be harm caused by improper use of the app, and so it’s these apps that we want to check out to make sure that they are safe.

Our clinical assurance team – which is made up of doctors, nurses and safety specialists, work with the developer to make sure the app adheres to our safety standards. During this process any potential safety concerns are identified and either designed out or dealt with so that any remaining risk is at an acceptable level.

As this is new territory, we are learning as we go along – and it’s likely that the review process will be updated and improved over time. But we will always ensure that there is a clear explanation about the current process and the work that we are doing as regards safety in health technology.

If you have thoughts about how it could be improved, please do fill in the feedback Form. ”

Seven Free Smartphone Health Apps to download from iTunes

Cell Phone Apps to Consider, 2013

Seven Free Smartphone Health Apps to download from iTunesIf you download the right apps, your digital device can also be a health advantage.

Here are seven free health apps from iTunes, for iPhone and iPad — many of these are also available for Android, Blackberry and other platforms…

  • AirStrip – Patient Monitoring
    AirStrip is intended for use by clinicians who care for patients. In order to use AirStrip, your healthcare facility must have purchased and installed AirStrip. There is an off-line demo built into this application which will allow you to learn more about the features AirStrip has to offer.
  • BMI Tool
    Quickly calculate a patient’s body mass index (BMI), estimate risk of developing weight-related diseases, and determine appropriate treatment plans with the BMI Tool application. Access in-depth weight measurement calculators and tools with a variety of features.
  • Lifesaver Int
    Lifesaver shows you the defibrillators at doctors, trainstations, firedepos, airports, schools, hospitals, private companies, shopingcenters and many more… Support the Herzsicher project, in submit new worldwide position.
  • MedWatcher for drugs, vaccines and medical devices
    MedWatcher was created in collaboration with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Center for Devices and Radiologic Health (CDRH). Use MedWatcher to get news and official safety alerts for medical devices, as well as drugs and vaccines. MedWatcher is the only app that allows you to report bad side effects or adverse events directly to the FDA to make medical products safer for everyone. MedWatcher is the only app that allows you to report bad side effects or adverse events directly to the FDA to make medical products safer for everyone.
  • SymTrend
    Select an electronic diary for depression, cancer, women’s health, chronic pain, ADHD, or the autism spectrum to help you understand symptom patterns, learn what triggers problems, see how well treatments are working, and get guidance to manage your own care.
  • The Oncologist
    The official journal of the Society for Translational Oncology (STO), is dedicated to helping oncology professionals provide optimal and innovative care for cancer patients by staying on the cutting edge of new medical treatments and technologies.
  • WebMD – Trusted Health and Wellness Information
    The NEW WebMD app incorporates personalized, engaging multimedia lifestyle content. WebMD for iPhone offers on-demand, healthy-living information, in addition to physician-reviewed health content and interactive tools. The innovative design marries content and utility informed by more than five years of user insights and feedback.

Scientists find evidence of unreported Prescription Drug side Effects via Search Engines before FDA

Web-scale pharmacovigilance: listening to signals from the crowd

Unreported Side Effects of Drugs Are Found Using Internet Search Data, Study FindsUsing data drawn from queries entered into Google, Microsoft and Yahoo search engines, scientists at Microsoft, Stanford and Columbia University have for the first time been able to detect evidence of unreported prescription drug side effects before they were found by the Food and Drug Administration’s warning system. ”

Read Unreported Side Effects of Drugs Are Found Using Internet Search Data, Study Finds by John Markoff.


Adverse drug events cause substantial morbidity and mortality and are often discovered after a drug comes to market. We hypothesized that Internet users may provide early clues about adverse drug events via their online information-seeking. We conducted a large-scale study of Web search log data gathered during 2010. We pay particular attention to the specific drug pairing of paroxetine and pravastatin, whose interaction was reported to cause hyperglycemia after the time period of the online logs used in the analysis. We also examine sets of drug pairs known to be associated with hyperglycemia and those not associated with hyperglycemia. We find that anonymized signals on drug interactions can be mined from search logs. Compared to analyses of other sources such as electronic health records (EHR), logs are inexpensive to collect and mine. The results demonstrate that logs of the search activities of populations of computer users can contribute to drug safety surveillance.

Web-scale pharmacovigilance: listening to signals from the crowd, jamia, 1 May 2013.

Rethink Breast Cancer presents: Your Man Reminder

This app gives you regular reminders from hotties to check your breasts

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