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When Dr Mariann Lloyd-Smith first started her anti-chemical work, the attacks were vicious…

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Far right Dr. Mariann Lloyd-Smith, representing Civil Society at the UN, centre Lloyd-Smith’s partner and co-campaigner John Wickens.

My father was by this time very sick, and when I used FOI to get his army reports, it confirmed that he’d spent seven or eight years dismantling chemical warfare stockpiles in the Pacific. It really made me stop and think about the issue of toxic chemicals, and from there it was an obvious thing to think about the international issue of chemicals

From a tiny village in the Northern Rivers to representing Civil Society at the UN, Dr Mariann Lloyd-Smith, Senior Advisor to the National Toxic Network, has been fighting against chemical pollution for decades – and now, she’s pleased to report, PFOA (Teflon) has been nominated for an international ban.

We’re thrilled that the EU have recently nominated PFOA, the Teflon chemical, for an international ban. PFOA contaminates every living thing in the world, and we are committed to getting it out of cookware, children’s items and clothes. It’s a terrible carcinogen, as well as a reproductive toxin and it’s a chemical that doesn’t break down.


Six Easy Steps to Prevent Cancer in Your Home

Six small steps for big results

These products and additives add layers upon layers of toxins to your body as well as release carcinogens into the air you breathe. By limiting what you bring into your home, you are taking the first step in cancer prevention.

infographics of how to prevent Cancer in Your Home in 6 Easy Steps
By limiting what you bring into your home, you are taking the first step in cancer prevention.  Take these six small steps for big results.

Take these Six Small Steps for Big Results

  1. Clean-sweep your cleaning products
  2. Can the canned goods
  3. Choose Organic when possible
  4. Trade in your teflon
  5. Opt for the stove top
  6. Don’t be dangerously pretty

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