Pregnancy Issues : PM Theresa May Talks about Primodos, 2017

Prime Minister on female health issues

Theresa_May vows to “keep clear focus on women’s health issues” like Primodos and mesh implants – Prime Minister’s Questions.

  • Reference : SkyNews, 12:34 PM, 20 Dec 2017.

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Primodos Drug Whitewash : PM Theresa May’s Reply to MP Yasmin Qureshi, 2017

Primodos pregnancy test EWG Report has been criticised as “whitewash” by campaigners and MPs

MP Yasmin Qureshi asked about the Primodos drug scandal at Prime Minister’s Questions.

  • Reference : SkyNews, 12:31 PM, 22 Nov 2017.

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UK Government announces a Review into Primodos, Sodium Valproate, Vaginal Mesh

Baroness Cumberlege will lead an examination of the circumstances in all three health cases and consider whether there are grounds for wider inquiries

The UK Prime Minister has ordered a review of public health scandals involving the hormone-based pregnancy test drug Primodos, the use of vaginal mesh implants and the anti-epilepsy drug sodium valproate.

I look forward to undertaking this tremendously important review and in particular to working with patients to ensure that our health system learns from those it may have failed. It’s essential that voices aren’t just listened to, but properly heard, and that whenever appropriate, the system promptly learns lessons and makes changes.

Baroness Cumberlege, Chair of the review

In the Commons, Jeremy Hunt has announced a review into public health scandals caused by failings in the regulation of vaginal mesh implants, anti-epilepsy drug sodium valproate and hormone-based pregnancy test drug Primodos.

See The Independent Medicines & Medical Devices Safety Review website.

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We should recognise the impact Primodos has had on women who took it, said Theresa May

MP Mims Davies asked PM about Primodos scandal in PMQs

Mims Davies, MP for the Eastleigh Constituency, questioned the Prime Minister about Primodos : “Should there be a public enquiry?

Sky News’ hour-long documentary Primodos: The Secret Drug Scandal – presented by senior political correspondent Jason Farrell, who investigating it for six years – revealed how documents were destroyed and information withheld about a drug that may have deformed and killed babies in the womb.

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