DES DiEthylStilbestrol Resources (4)

Want to know more about the pregnancy drug DiEthylStilbestrol?

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DES Cancer Link 40th Anniversary
Guest post from DES Daughter and WONDER DRUG screenwriter Caitlin McCarthy; DES cancer link 40th anniversary triggers a flurry of press coverage.

DES National Public Education Campaigns
Carol Devine radio interview on the silence around the DES issue and the difficulties to push for a DES National Education Campaign.

Can the Mediator scandal lead to justice for drug victims ?
Massive media coverage of Mediator drug scandal is parallel to the silence surrounding DES exposure but could lead to justice for drug victims.

Victory for a DES 3rd generation victim : the pharmaceutical company condemned
First 3rd generation DES Distilbène® court case. Justice is made for the victims Louis and his mother Helene. UCB Pharma is condemned.

Distilbène®: 20 Years of Legal Battle
First Distilbène® lawsuits, first victories for DES daughters, historical turning point and first victory for DES third generation against UCB Pharma.

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