Stratégie Nationale sur les Perturbateurs Endocriniens

Vidéo publiée par le Ministère du Développement durable, Avril 2014

Réuni par Ségolène Royal le 29 avril 2014, le Conseil national de la transition écologique a émis un avis favorable sur la stratégie nationale contre les perturbateurs endocriniens

  • Ségolène Royal a accueilli et présidé le conseil national sur la transition écologique ce mardi 29 avril. La thématique environnementale à l’ordre du jour, concerne les perturbateurs endocriniens à l’origine de maladies chroniques. Une consultations publiques avait été ouverte sur le sujet. Le CNTE, conseil qui constitue un véritable dialogue environnementale, permet aujourd’hui d’aborder cette problématique et de se concerter sur les solutions envisagées : mobiliser la recherche, expertiser certaines substances, remplacer celles qui sont nocives, former des professionnels et informer les citoyens. Le rôle clé des entreprises a été souligné en matière de santé et d’environnement concernant la recherche et la mise en oeuvre de produit non toxique. Cette stratégie, véritable moteur pour l’innovation, devrait s’inscrire dans une démarche à l’échelle Européenne. Les enjeux sont tant des enjeux sanitaires qu’économiques.

Comprendre les 5 axes de la stratégie nationale sur les perturbateurs endocriniens:

  1. soutenir la recherche pour mieux connaître les perturbateurs endocriniens et leurs effets sur la santé et l’environnement, notamment en finançant des programmes de recherche et en mettant en place une plateforme public-privé qui permettra de réduire les délais des tests sur les substances chimiques ;
  2. développer l’innovation dans l’industrie, en stimulant la mise en œuvre de produits de substitution innovants et non toxiques ;
  3. renforcer l’expertise et lancer dès cette année l’analyse d’au moins huit substances chimiques par an suspectées d’être des perturbateurs endocriniens ;
  4. porter ce sujet majeur de santé publique au niveau européen et faire de la France un pays moteur de la protection de la santé et l’environnement en Europe ;
  5. améliorer l’information des citoyens, dans leur vie quotidienne comme sur les lieux de travail.


A Healthy Baby Girl Video Trailer

Preview, buy, and download this DES movie on iTunes

In 1963, filmmaker Judith Helfand‘s mother was prescribed the drug Diethylstilbestrol (DES), meant to prevent miscarriage and ensure a healthy baby.
In 1990, at age twenty-five, Judith was diagnosed with DES-linked cervical clear cell adenocarcinoma (CCA) . She went home to her family to heal from a radical hysterectomy, grabbed a camera and created a video-diary of her life after surgery.
YouTube video by Cinedigm published on 4 Apr 2014.

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  • Open iTunes to preview, buy, and download this movie.
    Expected Release: May 06, 2014.
  • A Healthy Baby Girl is an inter-generational story of one family’s response to an ethical and technological crisis, experienced from their home in Merrick, Long Island. Intimate and humorous, it’s also a searing exploration of what happens when science, marketing, and corporate power enter our deepest family relationships.
    Judith‘s video diary, A Healthy Baby Girl, was shot over five years and goes beyond loss to document mother-daughter love, family renewal, survival, political awakening, and community activism.
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Wormwood Herb – Artemisinin: a Cancer Smart Bomb

A Chinese herb that is safe, easy to use, affordable, and has great promise in cancer treatment

Wormwood is a Chinese herb that is thousands of years old that has applications for malaria and the treatment of cancer. It is safe, easy to use, affordable, and has great promise in the treatment of cancer. Video by DoctorSaputo, published on 26 Jul 2011.

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  • There are three forms of wormwood extract: artemisinin, artsunate, and artemether. It can be given either orally or by rectal suppository and should be pulsed with several days on and several off if taken by mouth because of intestinal tolerance. It is non-toxic and has been used on over 4000 patients without problems.
  • Artemisinin: A Cancer Smart Bomb, doctorsaputo, 04/26/2014.
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How the Plastic Particles in Your Food and Water are killing You

BPA and EDCs are associated with many health issues

Aaron Dykes hosts a segment on Bisphenol A, the dangerous estrogenic in plastic drinking bottles and food containers. BPA is a known toxic substance outlawed in Canada and Europe, but still used in the United States, even though the FDA raised concerns regarding exposure of fetuses, infants and young children to the substance.

  • Video by InfoPlanetWars published on 3 Jan 2013.
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Who’s paying your Doctor?

With the NHS drug bill topping £10 billion in 2013, this BBC investigation examines the tactics employed by drug companies to tap into that lucrative market and influence which medicines your doctor prescribes

With the NHS drug bill topping £10 billion in 2013, this investigation examines the tactics employed by drug companies to tap into that lucrative market and influence which medicines your doctor prescribes.

Strict rules govern drug company spending in the UK, but still they pay out millions to doctors to attend and speak at conferences. Panorama goes undercover to see this subtle persuasion at work and asks whether you should have the right to know who is paying your doctor.

And as Britain’s most profitable drug company, GlaxoSmithKline, waits to hear whether it will face criminal charges following allegations of bribery in China, the programme reveals new evidence that GSK was recently paying doctors to boost prescriptions much closer to home, in Europe.

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HealthApps – Check out Seven Phone Apps that could benefit your Health

While there may be some phone apps you can live without, there are some that can keep you healthy ! Check out seven apps that could benefit your health

When it comes to your phone, do you suffer from app overload? While there may be some  phone apps you can live without, there are some that can keep you healthy! Check out seven apps that could benefit your health.

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Clear and direct new Evidence that Autism begins during Pregnancy

New clues suggesting autism could be detected before birth

Researchers found new clues suggesting autism could be detected before birth ; their study gives clear and direct new evidence that autism begins during pregnancy. The researchers analyzed 25 genes in post-mortem brain tissue of children with and without autism. These included genes that serve as biomarkers for brain cell types in different layers of the cortex, genes implicated in autism and several control genes. Patches of unusual cell development was found in 10 samples.

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  • Video by UC San Diego Health System, Published on 26 Mar 2014.
  • In their small, explorative study – Patches of Disorganization in the Neocortex of Children with Autism – researchers found focal disruption of cortical laminar architecture in the cortexes of a majority of young children with autism.
  • Read Patches of Cortical Layers Disrupted During Early Brain Development in Autism, University of California, San Diego, News Release March 26, 2014
  • Read Patches of Disorganization in the Neocortex of Children with Autism, N Engl J Med 2014; 370:1209-1219 March 27, 2014DOI: 10.1056/NEJMoa1307491
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FDA tries to regulate Health Apps

#FDA works to gain the jurisdiction to regulate health related mobile apps. #HealthApps

FDA works to gain the jurisdiction to regulate health related mobile apps.

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Deadly Medicines and Organized Crime: a Video Conference with Peter Gøtzsche

Prescription drugs are the third leading cause of death after heart disease and cancer

Tholduset, Helsingor, October 3, 2013

Conference with Peter Gøtzsche – Director of the Nordic Cochrane Center and Co-Founder of The Cochrane Collaboration – on the topic of his book Deadly Medicines and Organized Crime: How Big Pharma has Corrupted Healthcare.

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  • Video by Poet Dox, Published on 17 Oct 2013.
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Introducing “Testing Treatments Interactive”

Promoting Better Research for Better HealthCare, 2014

Sir Iain Chalmers explains why fair tests of the effects of treatments can improve healthcare.

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