11 thoughts on “The Best Medicine for Humans is LOVE”

  1. The quote about “increasing the dose,” referencing love, I posted this on my Facebook page. Someone was actually so offended that they said, “what a horrible thing to say.” This person just didn’t get it. She went on to say would you give this to a child with cancer? I was like woa! Wow! I mean, she took it so literally. I said it was just a quote relating to compassion. Not to take it so literal. She went on and on. Is there anything I could’ve said to her? No matter what esoteric philosophy I attempted to expound, she wouldn’t here of it. I replied, I would’ve been in real trouble with her if I posted the old school quote, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Hi Denise. My quotes are here, mainly pharma-related and this one has caused some “issue” to some people too, who could not understand it (neither).
      I think it’s impossible to please everyone with what we post and comment. If you took the time to answer the best you could, it means you did your best. And we only do what we can do… Based on that, at some point, we need to consider not to reply, not to publish (comments), delete, and block (in some cases) if necessary… Focus on the positive and people who support us… Keep our valuable time for people who deserve it… And by the way, there is no medicine for curing cancer. Some are supposed to extend life a little… but at what cost, financially and in regard to quality of life left? So definitely yes I would give a max of love to a child with cancer, hoping it helps to get the best of the last moments…
      Thanks for commenting my blog and do me a favour: stop worrying about this…

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