The fetal ovary exhibits temporal sensitivity to a ‘real-life’ mixture of environmental chemicals

Scientific Reports, Developmental biology, Embryology, 02 March 2016

2016 Study Abstract

The development of fetal ovarian follicles is a critical determinant of adult female reproductive competence.

Prolonged exposure to environmental chemicals (ECs) can perturb this process with detrimental consequences for offspring.

Here we report on the exposure of pregnant ewes to an environmental mixture of ECs derived from pastures fertilized with sewage sludge (biosolids): a common global agricultural practice.

Exposure of pregnant ewes to ECs over 80 day periods during early, mid or late gestation reduced the proportion of healthy early stage fetal follicles comprising the ovarian reserve.

Mid and late gestation EC exposures had the most marked effects, disturbing maternal and fetal liver chemical profiles, masculinising fetal anogenital distance and greatly increasing the number of altered fetal ovarian genes and proteins.

In conclusion, differential temporal sensitivity of the fetus and its ovaries to EC mixtures has implications for adult ovarian function following adverse exposures during pregnancy.

2 thoughts on “The fetal ovary exhibits temporal sensitivity to a ‘real-life’ mixture of environmental chemicals”

  1. I can personally identify with this article, as I was born with one fetal ovary instead of a testis. In addition the other testis failed to fully develop to normal adult size. It is believed some sort of EDC caused this birth development. It has caused me much hardship, surgeries and even ovarian cancer as an adult.
    I’ve had twenty plus surgeries of which seven are totally related to EDC exposure. But the other surgeries can be tied indirectly to such exposure. Right now I’m looking at three more surgeries. One to repair scar tissue and organ drop issues. Another for hypogonadism issues and lastly another teratoma type tumor growing on my kidney. While I have indeed been married for forty years I do carry the profound phycological effects of of gender development or in this case lack of development.

    1. Thank you very much for sharing this information with our readers, Dave (Hannah).
      We have put together studies about EDCs/DES and gender development here.

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