The Health and Environment Alliance HEAL re-launched the Chemicals Health Monitor CHM

The Chemicals Health Monitor aims to be your online source for the link between chemicals and diseases

Press release:

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The Chemicals Health Monitor aims to be your online source for the link between chemicals and diseases.

” The Health and Environment Alliance (HEAL) has today re-launched its Chemicals Health Monitor (CHM), a revived online service consisting of a revamped website and newsletter as well as new social media tools, all available in English and German.

HEAL provides this monitoring service with the aim of improving public health by promoting support for more protective regulation of hazardous chemicals in Europe and beyond. The project encourages public health and health professional groups to use and share educational resources to inform patients and the public.

Many of the chemicals to which people are exposed daily have never been tested for their effects on human health and the environment. When studies have been done, the test results may not be publicly available. Meanwhile, more and more studies link chemical exposure to a range of specific chronic conditions. The research suggests that due to their exposure, families and individuals may be more prone to obesity and diabetes, more likely to suffer from cancer, and more likely to face infertility. Healthcare systems are struggling to cope with rising rates of these conditions.

Although EU laws set high and innovative standards, significant gaps nonetheless remain, particularly regarding the effects of multiple concurrent exposures and of long-term, cumulative exposures. The Chemicals Health Monitor provides the latest authoritative, independent information linking chemical exposure to chronic health problems, which is developed with the help of public interest expertise.

HEAL’s ultimate goal in providing such a service is to inform the public and to mobilise partnerships in support of EU policies that protect health. In particular, HEAL seeks precautionary action to prevent exposure to toxic chemicals and effective implementation of the EU chemicals law, REACH.”

Sources: HEAL Blog, Brussels, 25 March 2014 – Follow on  Twitter

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