Have you heard “The Journey of a DES Daughter”?

Your @DES_Journal Interview by @TheOrganicView is on @SoundCloud

Recorded radio interview by The Organic View, with host, June Stoyer joined by your DES Daughter Domino talking about her journey.

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8 thoughts on “Have you heard “The Journey of a DES Daughter”?”

  1. I am a DES daughter. I fortunately was blessed with a beautiful daughter myself. And divine intervention happened with my second pregnancy – miscarriage – which showed that I had Uterine Cancer and Ovarian Cancer. I had no symptoms. Dr said if not for the miscarriage I surely would’ve died from Ovarian cancer.

    As I went through all of this memories of my youth came flooding back – I was sick constantly as a child and to this day I still have trouble fighting off colds. I was sick so often the truant officer visited my parents. Remembered the day my mom started crying over a news broadcast – I was a teenager. Remembered the day I had an eternal exam. ((Checking for cysts) and the dr commented on the unusual shape of my uterus – didn’t concern me at time as I was no where near thinking about having children yet. And then there was the time in my 20’s where I had pre-cancerous cells in my cervix.

    Armed with all this knowledge and the worry about my own daughter who would be a DES granddaughter – and what her future holds?
    I am Canadian – and no where have I found any information on successful lawsuits in Canada for DES victims.

    If anyone knows of any way I can find out a out Canadian Victims – please let me know.

      1. I believe I tried once, with no response. Their website looks like it was last updated in 2005. I will try the phone number listed. Thank you for responding.

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