The Mammogram Myth

The Independent Investigation Of Mammography The Medical Profession Doesn’t Want You To Know About

The Mammogram Myth, on Flickr
An independent investigation
by Rolf Hefti

“The Mammogram Myth”, the result of an independent investigation by Rolf Hefti, dismantles – error by error- the official medical claims about the value of mammograms, such as that they are very safe, and greatly reduce breast cancer mortality.

This (e)book describes the “inconvenient” research data that has been dismissed and disregarded by the traditional medical profession (such as the true risks of medical radiation). It is the largely ignored but factual scientific evidence against the use of mammograms.

The official medical claims made by orthodox medicine about mammography appear convincing to both doctors and the public at large. Yet, the theory and claims promoting the screening practice are based on flawed research data and sustained by omitting and discounting relevant dissenting scientific evidence. Mammography is a case of “dogma over science” says the author of ” The Mammogram Myth”.

In the foreword to “The Mammogram Myth”, Ray Peat, PhD stated, “Women concerned about the risk of breast cancer will obviously want to read it, and if doctors who regularly advise their patients to have mammograms decide to read it looking for justification of their policy, they will encounter information about cancer in general and health in general that should change their life.”

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8 thoughts on “The Mammogram Myth”

  1. I stopped having mammograms years ago. I am thankful my insurance allows me to have either ultrasound or MRI without question. When I was last in the US I saw a new doctor and his comment about what I do was, “Well, why do it? If they find something, they send you for an ultrasound or MRI. Why NOT go straight to that?”

  2. I’ve had access to similar information from reliable sources. So, this gal’s at zero mammograms and plans to stay that way. Great to see you post this.
    J Ruth

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