The sweat-drenched Woman’s Guide to Enjoying an Unmedicated Menopause

Drugs? No thanks.
Perfectly safe? Forgive me for being skeptical

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Roz Warren is a DES Daughter who writes for the New York Times and the Funny Times.

Menopause came for me several years ago, when I was in my mid-fifties, and I can’t say that I’ve enjoyed the experience.

Women who proudly refer to their hot flashes as “power surges” are, I think, kidding themselves. But they’re not fooling me! There’s nothing fabulous about your body temperature suddenly rocketing upwards, leaving you dazed and sweating as you attempt to go about your business was if (Gasp!) nothing (Yikes!) is going on.

I work in a public library, which means that it’s not unusual for me to begin checking out your books as cool as a cucumber, and finish the transaction drenched, dizzy and red as a beet… 

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The sweat-drenched woman’s guide to enjoying an unmedicated menopause, by Roz Warren, a writer AND also DES Daughter

2 thoughts on “The sweat-drenched Woman’s Guide to Enjoying an Unmedicated Menopause”

  1. I had very few symptoms and no drugs. I chalked it up to the tons of tofu I had ingested…but I am sure genetics are huge in the outcome.

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