Overdiagnosis: Thirty Year Study exposes Risks of Mammography

Is looking hard for things to be wrong a good way to promote health?

According to an extensive U.S. study, mammograms have led to more than one million women being “over-diagnosed” with the disease over the past 30 years. This means the mammograms detected tumours that would never have developed into full-blown disease. It also means that many of these women have undergone unnecessary and invasive drug treatment and radical surgery due to misdiagnoses.

  • The study also concluded that mammography had little impact on reducing the number of cases of late-stage breast cancer, and had little effect on the rate of death from breast cancer. This contradicts the cancer industry’s claim that “survival rates” for breast cancer are increasing due to early their interventions and detections.

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4 thoughts on “Overdiagnosis: Thirty Year Study exposes Risks of Mammography”

  1. That is really interesting! Here is a real story…did a mammogram, found a lump and went for a surgery. Just before the surgery they did a biopsy and it was burst and no lump just water. However, they went ahead with the surgery… to do what?

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