Twelve Signs of Breast Cancer

Test your Knowledge!

Could you list twelve signs of breast cancer?

This graphic, developed by London-based graphic designer Corrine Beaumont, tells us what breast cancer looks like and brings cancer awareness to women in a simple yet very effective way.

Try to find each one before checking the answers below…

A dozen signs of Breast Cancer
A dozen signs of Breast Cancer – credit @MayorGirl

Sources: Flickrblogwebsite

A: hardening B: indentation C: skin erosion D: redness or heat E: new fluid
F: dimpling 
G: bump H: growing vein I: nipple retraction J:asymmetry
K:’orange peel’ skin L: inside lump

DES and Breast Cancer:

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  1. Breast cancer signs and symptoms mostly include lumps and pain in the breast area. But those two things are not the only symptoms. In fact, early symptoms of breast cancer can be painless and the lump cannot be felt until it’s bigger. Therefore, it is important to know all the signs and symptoms to recognize the disease early. Here are the major signs and symptoms commonly found in breast cancer patients.

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