Twitter accounts to follow

DES Daughter : @des_journal
Twitter : Welcome to DES Daughter Journal on Twitter. Learn more about #diethylstilbestrol #DES #distilbene #DESdaughters #DESsons.
Follow @des_journal for DES awareness.

DES Info : @DESInfo411
Twitter : The DES tragedy of in-utero exposure and its devastating effects on multiple generations must not be forgotten.

WONDER DRUG is a scientific drama about DES, the world’s first drug disaster.

Caitlin McCarthy : @CaitlinMcWriter
Twitter : Official Twitter page for award-winning screenwriter Caitlin McCarthy. ‘Do or do not. There is no try.’ – Yoda.

Dr.Sara DETOX : @DrSaraDETOX
Twitter : Dr. Sara is a highly skilled Naturopathic Doctor and Master Homeopathic Clinician, and is a well known expert in detoxification, weight loss and anti-aging.

Dial Doctors : @dialdoctors
Twitter : 24/7/365 On Call Doctors, Consultations by Phone/Email + Dental, Vision & Prescription Plan. Affordable Health Benefits for America.

Jerry Wollaston : @JerryWollaston
Twitter : Promises Made-Promises Kept I wrote -I Said I Will- to remember the good times. I wrote to come to grips with the bad times. I wrote to fulfill a promise.

Karen Fernandes : @KMFDallas
Twitter : Karen Fernandes has been a nurse for over thirty years and is founder and president of AYR Consulting Group.

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