U.S. Senator Scott Brown and DES activists, 2010

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WONDER DRUG screenwriter Caitlin McCarthy; US Senator Scott Brown; and Andrea Goldstein (former President of DES Action USA) at the Senator’s 2010 Christmas Party, taken by event photographer Katie Kaizer at the Senator’s Christmas Party at the Boston Park Plaza Hotel.

On February 22, 2011, US Senator John Kerry and US Senator Scott Brown received a 3-page response from the FDA, per their joint letter about a DES apology. The FDA’s letter did not contain an official apology from the federal government for the DES drug disaster. However, it acknowledged the devastating health consequences of DES, explained FDA initiatives to prevent future drug disasters, and talked about DES as a “tragedy“.

The FDA closed the letter by writing, “We hope that our new tools for identifying, monitoring and mitigating drug risks will prevent other tragedies like those brought out by the widespread use of DES. We are committed to providing the public with timely and accurate drug safety information and we recognize the critical responsibility that the FDA has to protect the safety of the public’s health“.

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