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Discover safe and trusted apps to help you manage your health, by @HealthAppsLib

The Health Apps Library makes it simple for you to you to easily find safe and trusted apps to help you manage your health. These have been reviewed by the NHS to ensure they are clinically safe and relevant to people living in England. They then get rated by you and the health care community.

All apps submitted to the Health Apps Library are checked to make sure that they are relevant to people living in England, comply with data protection laws and comply with trusted sources of information, such as NHS Choices.

Once an app has met these minimum requirements, we then check to see whether the app could potentially cause harm to a person’s health or condition. For example, is the app limited to providing information from a trusted source – or might it go on to provide personalised medical recommendations or treatment options? If so then potentially there could be harm caused by improper use of the app, and so it’s these apps that we want to check out to make sure that they are safe.

Our clinical assurance team – which is made up of doctors, nurses and safety specialists, work with the developer to make sure the app adheres to our safety standards. During this process any potential safety concerns are identified and either designed out or dealt with so that any remaining risk is at an acceptable level.

As this is new territory, we are learning as we go along – and it’s likely that the review process will be updated and improved over time. But we will always ensure that there is a clear explanation about the current process and the work that we are doing as regards safety in health technology.

If you have thoughts about how it could be improved, please do fill in the feedback Form. ”

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