UK National Sperm Bank to launch in Oct 2014 in Birmingham

The National Gamete Donation Trust (NGDT), in partnership with Birmingham Women’s Hospital, has been awarded Department of Health funding to provide a National Sperm Bank set to benefit thousands

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Birmingham Spermbank: ” Dedicated to recruiting sperm donors from across the Midlands, supporting and providing them a positive experience of being a donor within a leading UK clinic. “

Sadly for some DES Sons having their own children is not always possible! Many deal with urogenital abnormalities, structural and functional abnormalities in their sex organ and reproductive outcomes.

The UK National Sperm Bank, to be based at Birmingham Women’s Hospital, with spokes across England, will be offering a modern, NHS based, fully-integrated donor recruitment, screening and banking center which could deliver for all donor sperm requirements across the UK. The project has been awarded funding of £77,000 by the Department of Health.

There is currently a national shortage of sperm donors in the UK, especially in NHS clinics. Patient numbers continue to rise and treating those who need donor sperm is a major problem.

The introduction of the National Sperm Bank will reduce the number of patients putting themselves at risk by using unregulated sperm donation services. For the first time, those from ethnic minority backgrounds will be able to choose from a range of culturally matched donors. Heterosexual and same-sex couples will be able to use the service, as well as single women.

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