Unfavourable Results from medical Trials are being withheld

ALL data from ALL drug trials MUST be released

Unfavourable results from medical trials are being withheld, MPs warn
Often, trials that indicate a new treatment is not effective are never published

Results of thousands of clinical trials remain unreported and the information that they generate remains invisible to both the scientific community and the public. Pharmaceutical companies and medical researchers are putting patients’ lives in danger by failing to publish unfavourable results from clinical trials, MPs have warned.

The lack of transparency means many trials are not registered before they are done, while results are held as private documents that cannot be scrutinised by patients or independent experts. Many drugs – such as Dépakine, Epilim, Valproate – would not have done the damage it has if trials results had been registered and published.

Read Unfavourable results from medical trials are being withheld, MPs warn, by Ian Sample, The Guardian, 17 Sept 2013

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  1. I end up here from EA and end up learning sooo much. I had never even heard of DES until you educated me but this article really takes the cake. Big Pharma continues to choose profit over people…just terrible. Making unfavorable results unavailabe? What a travesty! Thank you for sharing. No need to provide anything more…you’ve given me enough today.

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