Uterus Transplant Procedure part of new Clinical Trial in the U.S.

First clinical trial of uterus transplantation in the US wins approval

drawing of uterine-transplant
Doctors at the Cleveland Clinic are preparing to transplant a uterus into a woman who lacks one, so she can become pregnant and give birth. If the procedure is successful, any children would be born by cesarean section and the mother would have the transplanted uterus removed after having one or two babies.
Sources: Dr. Tommaso Falcone, Cleveland Clinic; BioDigital by The New York Times.

Ten women in the United States will soon be chosen to undergo the nation’s first uterus transplants, as part of a research study at the Cleveland Clinic.

The procedure is still highly experimental, and not all of the risks are known:

  • Who needs a uterus transplant?
  • Has this been done before?
  • Will the women be able to become pregnant from sex?
  • What are the risks?
  • After the transplant, how long will it be before the women become pregnant?
  • What happens after the women give birth?
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