Vulvar Cancer: the Cancer no One talks about

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I Had the Cancer No One Talks About
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” …So there I sit, watching a former stripper sing, moments before having my vulva removed. Thoughts boomerang inside me: Every story line on TV revolves around sex. But what about those of us who can’t make love? What if your sex drive is in reverse because in a place that should be divinely pleasurable, you feel pain? Isn’t there anything that defines intimacy beyond throbbing bodies? Everywhere I look makes me feel less like a woman. And yet. I know there is something bigger, something more. My “womanhood” has nothing to do with my vagina, it is in me…”

Continue reading: Vulvar Cancer Personal Essay, “I Had the Cancer No One Talks About“, by Darci Picoult, journalist, DES daughter and author of My Virginia.

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