When Scientists attack: a Laurel to Stephane Horel

Scientists critical of EU chemical policy found to have industry ties

Scientists critical of EU chemical policy have industry ties
Officials from the European Commission stressed that the best available science will guide their endocrine disruptor regulations

Alexis Sobel Fitts, Editor for CJR.org confirms Stéphane Horel and Brian Bienkowski deserve a laurel for their article investigating a group of scientists who authored a controversial editorial condemning a proposed regulatory policy for endocrine disruptors.
Indeed the two EHN reporters chronicled the scientists’ financial and political affiliations – weaving a comprehensive story of the influences behind science policy.

What is this about?
Seventeen scientists who have criticized plans in Europe to regulate endocrine-disrupting chemicals have past or current ties to regulated industries. An investigation by Environmental Health News reveals that of 18 toxicology journal editors who signed a controversial editorial, 17 have collaborated with the chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, tobacco, pesticide or biotechnology industries. Some have received research funds from industry associations, while some have served as industry consultants or advisors. The stakes are high in the controversy because it involves the European Union’s strategy to regulate hormone-altering chemicals – the first attempt in the world to do so. The new rules would have sweeping, global ramifications because all companies that sell a variety of products in Europe would have to comply.

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