Why You should Join the [X]PendaPalooza14 Social Event this Weekend #EmpireAvenue #SocialNetworking

If you’re not yet on #EmpireAvenue, [X]Pendapalooza FOURTEEN is this weekend ! It’s a wonderful opportunity to join #EAv, it is a FREE event, it is safe and it is FUN.

EAv started in 2010 when someone very special called Dups launched a new social media platform. Soon Empire Avenue went beyond the value of a real virtual currency, as it became the place to expand, engage, evaluate your Social Networks.

Amongst the years, EAv has been the theatre of many FUN things such as virtual luxury items, mystery and special achievements and the Xbar Vs ZEN battle to name a few…

The outstanding EAv event which stands above all is called [X]PendaPalooza.

banner of [X]PendaPalooza 14
Why You should Join the [X]PendaPalooza 14 Social Event this Weekend #EmpireAvenue #SocialNetworking

[X]PendaPalooza FOURTEEN is this weekend !

  1. If you’re not yet on Empire Avenue, it’s a wonderful opportunity to join EAv => here.
  2. Then, join the community => here.
  3. Get tips on how to use the platform => here.
  4. Look at the generous give-away missions => here.
  5. Leave any comment(s) on this blog post for any question/help needed.

[X]PendaPalooza14 is a FREE event, it is safe and it is FUN.

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42 thoughts on “Why You should Join the [X]PendaPalooza14 Social Event this Weekend #EmpireAvenue #SocialNetworking”

    1. Hi Hazel, I found your post… Is it the only purpose of your comment ?
      My opinion is that after just 6 weeks on EA, it is far too early to start pulling conclusions…
      Thanks for stopping by

      1. The information you have shared here is good. I have liked and followed your blog, and this post, tweeted, and commented here for the purpose of letting you know that I was promoting Xpendapalooza 14. What exactly do you mean by “pulling conclusions”?
        Promise Seed CDC Inc

        1. Thanks Hazel
          Well as I said I read your post, and you write “At EA that’s what the game is all about…” – followed by a statement…
          I mean that I think it takes a longer time to get the full picture of all aspects EA can bring you.
          There are some stuff/things not immediately measurable which tend to develop on the longer term…
          Personally, I did not see (and played) the game the same way after 6 weeks, than after 6 months or than after 2 years.
          That’s all :)

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