Your baby’s first environment is not toxin-free, chemical-free

The Myth Of The Placental Barrier

pregnant image
The placenta is permeable to most pollutants, including endocrine disruptors, lead, mercury and pesticides. Unfortunately, the placental barrier is not armed to protect against today’s man-made chemicals. 

“Numerous environmental contaminants can cross the placental barrier, to a disturbing extent, babies are born pre-polluted.”

reported a National Institutes of Health

“Even people who pursue green lifestyles and organic diets have toxic chemicals in their blood. When pregnant, our bodies become an interior ecosystem that exists in communion with the exterior ecosystem we inhabit. Whatever is in our food, air, water or house dust gets inside us.”

said ecologist Sandra Steingraber

Read The Myth Of The Placental Barrier, fitpregnancy, 2015.

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