DES and Breast Cancer

A breast cancer survivor, Jackie, reports on her DES journey

Jackie White is one of 53 women who is bringing the DES Breast Cancer lawsuit in Boston against the maker of the drug DES (diethylstilbestrol) prescribed to millions of women decades ago.

According to a large study, DES, the anti-miscarriage drug used in the USA until 1971 but also used in Australia and many European countries well after 1971, has been linked to health problems — including breast cancer, infertility, difficult pregnancies and early menopause — in the daughters and the granddaughters of women who took it.

The study suggests that one in 50 DES daughters had the chance of developing breast cancer due to their DES exposure.
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2 thoughts on “DES and Breast Cancer”

  1. hello – thank you – my mother was also given des – now i too was diag. in 2008 with stage 3 breast cancer and lost my breast. thank you for this chance to make my voice heard.

  2. Hi,
    Thanks for your great information.
    Stage 3 breast cancer is a more advanced form of invasive breast cancer. At this stage, the cancer cells have usually not spread to more distant sites in the body, but they are present in several axillary (underarm) lymph nodes. The tumor may also be quite large at this stage, possibly extending to the chest wall or the skin of the breast.
    The eight-year survival rate for Stage 3 Breast Cancer is approximately 40%, and the five-year survival rate ranges from 40% to almost 70%, which means that many women will live for several years after their diagnosis. In fact, many women live for much longer, and several effective stage 3 breast cancer treatment options are available.

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