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The Story of a Worldwide Drug Disaster

The DES story is not only of past failure ; bomb effects are still being ignored.

Diethylstilbestrol (or DES in short) is a synthetic oestrogen, prescribed to millions of pregnant women around the world in the mistaken belief that it would reduce the risk of complications during pregnancy and losses. It was widely prescribed between 1938 and 1971 in the USA but despite evidence of its ineffectiveness and danger it continued to be used beyond 1971. In some countries it was given until at least the early 1980s.

In 1971, researchers found that women who were exposed to DES before they were born are more likely to get a certain kind of cancer of the vagina and cervix (called clear cell adenocarcinoma, or CCA). These women are called “DES Daughters“. Later studies have shown side effects for men exposed who are called “DES Sons“.

As if it wasn’t bad enough, DES is also associated with a higher risk of infertility, ectopic pregnancy, miscarriage and preterm labor. Many DES daughters are now over 40, and the risk of breast cancer associated with DES exposure is also higher so is the risk in DES mothers who took the drug.

How did that happen? In 1971, the Food and Drug Administration issued a warning but did not ban the drug. DES which had already been used for years continued to be prescribed harming 3 generations of women (and two generations of men). The health and psychological problems in sons and daughters of those women who were prescribed DES are still unfolding and studies are currently being carried out on the grandchildren of the women who took DES during their pregnancy making DES a real time-bomb.

“DES is the story of the failure of the medical profession, health authorities and drug companies to face up to the problem and take action. This story is not only of past failure – crucial measures needed to deal with the time – bomb effects are still being ignored” says Marian Vickers, a DES daughter.

DES is also my story. 30 years after I was exposed to this toxic and carcinogenic drug, I experienced some of the devastating side effects this drug can have. For more information about Diethylstilbestrol and my personal DES journey visit Diethylstilbestrol DES Google+ Page icon Diethylstilbestrol, Journal of a DES Daughter DES Daughter Google+ icon, a blogsite for DES mothers, daughters and sons, and others interested in the DES issue.

DES Daughter Network, is the little sister of my “Journal of a DES Daughter” but focuses on social media and social networking.

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  1. You are doing a great job in making people aware of DES and its issues – Thanks

  2. Quite a story! I’ve heard nothing of this drug before your blog. There are many dangerous things out there, but the DES “poison” sounds very bad indeed.

    Thank you for writing about it, and for following our site as well! Have a very good day and may you have great success in helping others who have had complications from DES.


      1. You are welcome! Just stay with your “mission.” All things which are helpful to others is good.

  3. Thanks for checking out my blog!
    Thanks for all you do to promote awareness of this condition.

  4. Hello and thanks for liking the post on my news services! I have just read this about post and find it really revealing as l knew nothing of this condition, so have followed your news for placing on our Ace Food and Health News site!
    Thanks for sharing, Ian

  5. Women weren’t really unobservant, ever. So it was necessary to organise a campaign to keep them in their place, thousands of years ago. Keep ’em busy, separated and uneducated. It worked until “yesterday”.

    Now, “Militant Mothers” are the only hope in the battle against what is really, unmistakably, a deliberate population reduction plan.

    I’m just a mere male, but a rare super observant one :-).

    You need to recruit your sisters face-to-face, out in the street, constantly. Get them on to the internet, not Cellphones, get them TO here and to two other scary, but vital Websites while they are still “allowed”:

    Here is a startling conclusion based on more than half a century of observation:

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