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DES Lawsuits

Law Papers and Theories (in Reference to DES Cases)

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DES Cases

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4 thoughts on “DiEthylStilbestrol Resources: DES Lawsuits”

  1. I was born with major spinal deformities and non developed reproduction deformities. I want to know if I can get in on a law suit regarding the drug DES. My mother took the drug in the 50s, due to miscarriages. This drug was taken so she could carry to full term, is what she was told.

    1. Hi Sandra. We cannot give you legal advice ; all what we do is re-publish DES papers and studies, to inform the DES-affected community and the general public. Best is to contact your official local DES action group and take advice from professionals attorneys specialised in prescription drugs litigation/lawsuits.

  2. Hi, I am hoping that you can lead me in the right direction to find as many known sides from DES, &/or if there are any current study groups? I am a DES daughter who has had more than my share of the ‘are you kidding me’ type issues, albeit, not as serious as some, & I really want to help others from going through the same stuff I have, even if only ONE person! I am 52yrs–had 7 miscarriages (2 tubals) & complete hysterectomy all in early/mid-90’s–then had to have a partial ovary & massive amount of scar tissue surgically in 2006 (ovarian remenit syndrome), severe anemia, chronic bradycardia arrythmias that sent me to Cleveland Heart Clinic in 2000, skin cancer in 2006, dx’d w/”accordion shape” sigmoid colon & diverticulosis in 2007, numerous arthritic spine issues, & fibromyglia dx’d in 2013,(currently being tested for Sjorgens, Lupus, RA, few others but are hard to do b/c all these, & more, must be in an active ‘attack’, per se). I am now on full disability due to my spine issues & memory loss. Sorry so long but wanted to give you some background in case you needed it but ANY information you can provide, I would greatly appreciate it. I live in the Memphis, Tennessee area, if that helps. Thanks. Kathleen

    1. Hi Kathleen and sorry to hear about your numerous DES-related health issues.
      You’ll find the link to DES official action groups here, and to some more groups here.
      If you use Facebook, you’ll find some pages and groups here.
      Best wishes,

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