Medical Contacts in the UK for the DES Exposed

Who to turn to, to seek professional medical advice in the UK (if you are DES exposed)

We are often contacted by DES Daughters and DES Sons in the UK, who do not know who to turn to, to seek professional medical advice. They have seen their GP, they have discussed their concerns, they have flagged that they’ve been exposed to DES but their concerns are being dismissed. They are turning to the internet to find answers and to us to seek advice. Unfortunately the UK DES Action Group who used to provide professional guidance has closed its doors due to lack of support and funding. We were in the same situation as those turning to us today so we contacted Réseau DES France and DES Action USA for guidance.

The list below was provided to us a few years ago by DES Réseau France.
We hope you find it useful.


John Shepherd
Barts Health Bartholomew’s Hospital
West Smithfield
Switchboard: 44 (0)207 377 7000
directions – facebooktwitter.


Michael Emens and Joe Jordan
Birmingham Womens Hospital
Mindelsohn Way, Edgbaston
B15 2TG
Phone: 44 (0)121 472 1377
directions – facebooktwitter.


Henry Kitchener
St Mary’s Hospital
Oxford Road
(access from Hathersage Road)
Manchester – M13 9WL
Phone: 44 (0)161 276 1234
directions – facebooktwitter.

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