DiEthylStilbestrol Resources: Gestational DES-Exposure and Side-Effects

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In-Utero Exposure to DES

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NCBI PubMed DiEthylStilbestrol Resources: Fetal DES-Exposure and Side-Effects.

DES Side Effects

– Bones

– Endometriosis

– Menarche

– Menopause

– Obesity

– Various Studies

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4 thoughts on “DiEthylStilbestrol Resources: Gestational DES-Exposure and Side-Effects”

  1. Hi, my name is Kathryn, as far as l know l am a DES daughter,
    .my mum complained of having to endure injection whilst pregnant with me due to previous misscharrages she had experienced. dical records to varify that l was exposed to this hideous drug.l
    now experience many health issues, ive been told l have a bulky uterus and have suffered with horrible period pain and other issues,as cysts in the lining of my uterus,kidney stones from age 16, rhumatroid arthritis serverve back pain and nurmours other complaints.Can this possibly associated with DES…l feel so alone and uncertain,how can l investergate this further so l can be certain and make informed choices as to my continued health care needs.
    hope ther is someone else out there who understands my confusion and frustration in not knowing what to do

    1. Hi Kathryn and sorry to hear about your health issues.
      All what we do is publish studies we find – with free access – so that the general public, DES victims and the medical profession can get some additional information regarding the multiple side effects related to the DES drugs.
      For advice and support, you should contact your official DES action group.
      Best wishes

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