Scottish Forced Adoption Scandal: A Government Apology Is Needed

Mum who lost her firstborn to forced adoption begs for a government apology as her dying wish

Written by Marion Scott, Chief Reporter at Scotland’s national newspaper The Sunday Post, May 30, 2021.

A mum who lost her firstborn to forced adoption is using her dying wish to beg for a government apology.

Marion McMillan, 71, has been asking the Scottish Government for six years to make the official apology for the abuses of the past which saw about 60,000 single mums being forced to hand over their babies for adoption.

While the UK Government Human Rights Joint Committee has now agreed to hear the mothers’ stories, campaigners are asking why Scottish ministers find it too hard to say “sorry”. …

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And a DES word from Marion Scott, Investigative Journalist

Marion Scott image courteasy of democratonline, 2020.

I know many of those mums were given DES to suppress their breast milk and very little awareness has been raised on the effect this may have had on them and their future children.
I’m hoping to reach out to see if anyone is aware of this, and is willing to share info or an experience so we can shine a light on what was done to so many women and children, and the lasting effect.
My email is here and I’d very much like to hear from anyone if they can help give voice to this.

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